What Are Some Good Outer Thigh Exercises?


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Lateral jumps, side planks, leg raises, lunges and squat jacks all exercise the outer thigh muscles, helping build muscle while burning fat. To achieve sculpted and defined leg muscles, women typically keep their body fat between 12 to 18 percent. Spot reduction is a myth; these exercises build and tone the outer thigh muscles, but do not result in fat vanishing primarily from the outer thighs.

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To achieve maximum results, combine these exercises with cardiovascular activity. The key to success in any workout routine is consistency and patience. Set realistic goals, especially at the beginning of any fitness routine, and combine strength training with interval training and cardio to see overall health improvement.

Fat-burning potential is determined by overall fitness, not muscle fatigue. Spot reduction is based around the belief that overworking a small muscle group with light exercise burns the fat in that specific area, a belief that fitness coach Chris McGrath compares to using a candle to cook a turkey. Instead, people wanting to build muscle, lose weight and increase strength should focus on large muscles through big movements, such as squats, lunges and combination moves. McGrath emphasizes the need to keep increasing the difficulty and challenge of a workout to see consistent positive results.

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