What Are Some Good Osteoarthritis Back Exercises?


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Some good back exercises for those suffering from osteoarthritis include swimming, weight training (under appropriate supervision and starting with light weights) and daily stretching, according to WebMD. While light, low-impact exercises such as walking or water aerobics are generally fine for those suffering from osteoarthritis, it's always important to get a doctor's approval before beginning any new physical activity.

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There are also many exercises that can help strengthen the back muscles that can be done at home with little to no equipment. To perform wall slides, which engage the back, legs and core, put an exercise ball between the back and the wall and slowly slide down as far as possible as if sitting in a chair. Abdominal crunches, lunges and arm circles can also be beneficial, states Healthline.

Stretches are an important part of dealing with osteoarthritis, and even stretches that are not directly for the back can help increase stability and strength in the spine. Some good stretches to try on a daily basis include bringing the knee to the chest and holding for a few seconds while lying down, stretching the hamstrings and lat stretches, which are performed by standing upright, clasping the hands above the head and leaning to the side while stretching the hands up and out. Stretches should feel comfortable, and those with osteoarthritis may need to adjust with pillows or modified positions.

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