What Are Good Organic Treatments for Chiggers and Their Bites?


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Rubbing ice on chigger bites is an organic way to manage the discomfort from itching, notes Healthline. Keeping weeds and grass trimmed prevents a person's yard from attracting chiggers, and applying sulfur powder to socks before going outside keeps chiggers off a person's legs, states Sherri Deatherage Green for Mother Earth News.

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Setting out a block of dry ice attracts chiggers. Chiggers identify biting victims by moving toward the carbon dioxide emitted through respiration; this is one way to bring chiggers together, explains Deatherage Green. Caution is necessary when setting out and picking up dry ice for disposal. Also, because chiggers gather in tall grass, mowing frequently is another way to control the population without using chemicals that harm the environment.

Before heading out into an area that may contain chiggers, placing socks in a bag with sulfur, shaking the bag and putting on the socks gives a person's legs an unpleasant odor that keeps chiggers away, according to Healthline. If chiggers find their way to a person's ankles, legs or waistline and start biting, ice eases the inflammation from the pain without any use of chemicals. The cooling action of the ice causes swelling to decrease, also deadening nerve endings to counteract itching.

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