What Are Some Good Online Depression Support Groups?

Depression support groups to help patients connect with people who are also suffering from the illness often take place online in an anonymous format, such as the WebMD's Depression Support Group, according to WebMD. Additional online depression support groups run by private individuals include Beating the Beast, Depression Understood, Emotions Anonymous and Helping Teens, explains Psych Central.

Psych Central also hosts online depression support groups in a forum-based format, located at Forums.psychcentral.com/depression, according to Psych Central. Patients can also gain information about depression and connect with individuals suffering from the condition within online support groups at RecoverYourLife.com, Depression Forums and Depression Boards.

Online depression support groups are not psychotherapy, and individuals should consult with a therapist or physician before adjusting medications or adopting new strategies to treat depression when learning about how others cope with the disease, recommends WebMD.

Depression support groups can be a helpful tool for coping with the condition as patients hear first-hand accounts of the challenges people face, helping them to realize that they are not alone, explains WebMD. Forums also offer a venue to vent fears, frustrations and concerns while also sharing helpful mental strategies that can help others cope. National organizations, such as Mental Health America or the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, sponsor or promote many online support groups.