What Is a Good One-Hour Fitness Schedule?

What Is a Good One-Hour Fitness Schedule?

What Is a Good One-Hour Fitness Schedule?

A good one-hour fitness schedule is a five- to 10-minute warmup followed by 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, 20 minutes of strength training, and core exercises or stretching to complete the workout. The schedule can be modified based on the person's goals.

The warmup is designed to prepare the body for exercise by slowly increasing the heart rate. Warmup exercises include light cardiovascular exercise or calisthenics.

Cardiovascular exercise raises the heart rate and burns calories. Exercise options include jogging or swimming.

Strength training develops the muscles. Weight training exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, barbell rows and bench press, are frequently used for strength training. Bodyweight exercises, such as pushups and dips, are another option.

Core exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles. Exercise options include abdominal crunches and planks.

Stretching improves flexibility. The person should stretch the muscles he used during his workout.

Circuit training is an option if the person wants to combine his strength training and cardiovascular exercises. For circuit training, he goes through a series of exercises, performing one set of each exercise with 10 seconds or less between each set. After completing one round, he can rest for one minute, then perform it again. This type of training improves strength while burning a high amount of calories due to the lack of rest between sets.