What Are Some Good Ointments for Treating Bed Sores?

What Are Some Good Ointments for Treating Bed Sores?

Fish oil is a helpful topical treatment for bed sores, according to the National Institutes of Health. Commercially available barrier treatments such as SkinPrep and Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream are recommended by Care Pathways, a nursing organization.

A study by the NIH revealed that patients who had early-stage bed sores and applied fish oil and water saw faster healing than those who did not use the treatment.

For early stage bed sores, the barrier ointments should be used around the ulcer to prevent further skin breakage, advises Care Pathways. SkinPrep creates a protective cover that can stop the wound from sticking to bandages or dressings. Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream protects the skin from further irritation by bodily fluids such as urine or feces. Since keeping a wound moist is considered vital, Care Pathways recommends treating dry wounds with SAF-Gel, a hydrating wound dressing.

For later-stage bed sores, such as Stage II and beyond, a prescription ointment may be needed to appropriately treat the wound. Care Pathways states that a doctor may recommend an alginate, hydrocolloid, foam or hydrofiber treatment. Waterproof ointments may be recommended or prescribed in addition to other treatments.

It is important to contact a medical professional for a personalized approach and for more information.