How Do You Find a Good Neurosurgeon?


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To find a good neurosurgeon, seek one who is certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery, has a comprehensive care team, uses the latest advanced technology, and conducts a detailed neurological examination for a specific complaint, explains Neurosurgical Consultants. The neurosurgeon must be experienced and have highly skilled assistants.

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In order to identify a good neurosurgeon, it is important to have a direct interaction with him, states Neurosurgical Consultants. It is important that the surgeon spends time getting to know the patient personally, which means taking a detailed medical history. After recommending appropriate examinations, he should also take time to review them with the patient and educate her about the specific neurological condition.

A neurosurgeon makes a diagnosis and treats specific diseases or injuries of the spine, brain and nerves, according to Neurosurgical Consultants. He provides comprehensive care, which can include surgery as well as non-surgical treatments. The nervous system is considered very complicated, as it involves sensitive organs. For this reason, only a sufficiently trained and highly-skilled neurosurgeon is able to diagnose and manage the surgical treatment of diseases or injuries related to the interior of the spinal column and skull. Some of these diseases include arteriovenous malformations, intracranial aneurysms, Arnold-Chiari malformations, hemifacial spasms and acoustic neuroma tumors, as well as pituitary tumors and skull base tumors.

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