What Are Some Good Natural Methods of Stress Relief?


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There are many natural methods off reducing stress that range from herbal supplements and specific foods to exercise, meditation and yoga. The most effective way of reducing stress naturally is to use a combination of these remedies such as drinking specific types of tea, setting up a regular exercise schedule, taking yoga classes and practicing meditation.

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What Are Some Good Natural Methods of Stress Relief?
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There are numerous herbs that are said to help relieve stress and anxiety. Chamomile and green tea are two of the most commonly know herbs that are believed to help people who are stressed. Passion flower and kava teas are also said to be effective in treating anxiety and other negative feelings. Many of the herbal supplements that are said to help reduce the pressure of stress are also available in capsule or liquid extract form.

Exercise has also been shown to be very beneficial in treating stress. Beyond the physical health benefits and the feeling of accomplishment, exercise is also known to release the neurotransmitters called endorphins, which cause a person to experience positive emotions. One popular type of exercise that is commonly used to reduce stress is yoga, a combination of breathing and stretching practices. These activities, along with meditation can cause changes in brain chemistry that allow a person to feel relaxed and at peace.

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