What Are Some Good Natural Diuretics?


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There are several types of natural diuretics including dandelion, hawthorn, horsetail and juniper, explains Healthline. Green and black tea, parsley and hibiscus are also commonly used as natural diuretics. It is best to consult a doctor concerning any type of diuretic use, especially if taking medications.

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Research and early scientific studies show that many natural plants have powerful diuretic properties, according to Healthline. For instance, research shows that dandelion increases kidney function and causes more frequent urination. Hawthorn, which is considered a very strong diuretic, also increases urinary flow. The use of horsetail as a natural diuretic rivals prescription medications and produces less side effects. Juniper may not lower potassium levels like other diuretics. Green and black tea flush the system, showing potential as natural diuretics. Parsley may be useful for people who have issues with diuretic drugs, and hibiscus is thought to help increase kidney filtration.

Diuretics are normally prescribed by a physician when the body is retaining excessive amounts of fluid, states Healthline. Diuretics flush not only excess fluid from the body but sodium as well. This happens because diuretics cause the kidneys to excrete more sodium into the urine. Fluid retention is more common in older adults. Diuretics are often prescribed for conditions such as congestive heart failure, kidney stones, cirrhosis of the liver and edema.

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