What Are Some Good Natural Cures for Ulcers?


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Natural cures for ulcers include consuming foods and drinks that contain flavonoids, such as legumes; having a vitamin-rich diet; and cutting down on coffee and high-sugar or spicy foods, states Healthline. Stress management and using deglycyrrhizinated licorice may also heal ulcers.

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Other foods that contain flavonoids include soybeans, kale, broccoli and red grapes, notes Healthline. Patients should avoid highly acidic foods, including red wine and citric fruits, which have flavonoids but can aggravate the problem. Meditation or frequent exercising may aid in managing stress, which may help heal ulcers.

A person who suffers from ulcers should quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol, which can increase stomach acid and worsen the condition, explains Healthline. Other foods to avoid include carbonated drinks, milk and processed foods. A patient who experiences nausea or vomiting, weight loss or heartburn or loses his appetite should seek immediate medical attention.

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