What Is a Good Natural Colon Cleanse Remedy?


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One natural colon cleanse remedy is green papaya, according to ColonCleanse.net. Individuals can also supplement their fiber intake to increase the frequency of bowel movements to clear out the intestinal tract.

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Green papaya contains the enzyme papain, which dissolves hardened mucus along the intestinal lining, states ColonCleanse.net. Individuals can eat the papaya raw or blend it with water and other fruits to make a smoothie. They can use fiber psyllium husks and ground whole flax seeds with water as well to supplement fiber intake.

There are also over-the-counter products with natural ingredients available at health food stores and supermarkets, according to WebMD. These products include herbal teas and magnesium supplements. . Individuals can also visit a colonic hygienist or colon hydrotherapist for a colon irrigation. As of 2015, experts have not determined whether or not colon cleansing is beneficial or necessary.

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