What Are Some Good Names for Workout Teams?

TeamNames.net recommends using as animals, colors and the state or region combined with the activity of the team to create a team name. Simple examples of weight-lifting teams include combinations like the Brooklyn Red Benchers or the Benching Tigers.

Other suggestions on TeamNames.net include countries, superheroes and bands. Generalization of the workout activities can be combined with animals, colors and residential areas; for example, a power lifting team could call itself the Paducah Power Lifting White Tigers. TeamNames.net also features online random name generators for constructing team names, One team name selector features country names, one uses city or state names, one features colors and one allows the user to enter any word. Entering a noun or adjective into TeamNames.net's generator offers team name ideas that combine elements, such as the Power Lifting Dragons. The random generator on TeamNames.net also generates names without suggestive cues from the user.

Another suggestion is using parts of football, baseball or basketball team names in the workout team's name. A little imagination combined with the activity the team is most involved in – or a particular part of the activity, such as a particular workout move – and one or more of the suggested categories can create an suitable team name.