What Are Some Good Multivitamin Brands?


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When purchasing multivitamins, the national brands such as Centrum and One-a-Day are found to be accurately labeled, according to Consumer Reports. However, some of the best values for multivitamins include Kirkland, Nature's Way and Rainbow Light.

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Lab Door states that the highest rated multivitamins are from Garden of Life, followed by Nature's Way, Rainbow Light, NOW Foods and GNC. The site ranked 75 multivitamins, giving each one a letter grade from A to D. The site also ranked the pills based on average score and average price, ranking Kirkland Signature as the best, followed by Rainbow Light, Nature's Way and GNC.

Consumer Reports states that Kirkland Signature multivitamins are just as effective as national brands, and CNN suggests people should stick with mainstream, national brands.

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