What Are Some Good Methods to Treat Green Tongue?


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Some methods to treat a green tongue caused by hairy tongue include practicing proper oral hygiene and avoiding any factors that causes this problem, including products with bismuth, some mouthwashes and certain medications. A symptom of hairy tongue is the appearance of a tongue coating that may be in colors such as green, brown, pink and black, states the American Academy of Oral Medicine.

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Although medical treatment may not be necessary for hairy tongue, some methods to get rid of the problem are to brush the teeth and tongue twice a day, use a tongue scraper and drink water during the day to keep the mouth cleansed. If a medication is causing the problem, then patients should not stop taking it without first speaking with a doctor, notes Mayo Clinic.

Hairy tongue is also referred to as black hairy tongue because the coating may be this color. The condition is not serious, and it occurs usually due to the buildup of bacteria or debris on the papillae of the tongue, according to WebMD. Some causes that may lead to this condition are poor oral hygiene, mouthwashes that contain peroxides or menthol, dry mouth and medications, such as antibiotics and those that have the ingredient bismuth, reports Mayo Clinic.

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