What Are Some Good Meditation Tips for Beginners?

Meditation tips for beginners include starting small, finding a purpose, focusing on the present and experimenting with different techniques. Making meditation a regular part of the day gives the beginner practice, which makes meditation easier and more natural.

Starting with a short meditation session is often easier for beginners who might become frustrated trying to focus for long periods of time. Meditating for no more than five minutes at a time works well in the beginning stages. Setting aside the small block of time each day helps the beginner make meditation a daily habit.

A purpose for the meditation practice is helpful for staying focused. Common reasons include reducing stress or becoming more mindful about life in general. A mantra related to the purpose helps direct the meditation practice.

Maintaining focus during meditation is often a struggle for beginners. Being mindful of feelings, sensations and even distractions helps refocus attention. Breathing is a major focus of meditation. Beginners should practice taking long, deep breaths. Paying attention to how those breaths feel coming in and out of the body is a strategy to use during meditation.

Another focus is how the body feels. Sitting with legs crossed is a common position for meditation, but some people don't feel comfortable this way. Experimenting with different positions helps the beginner find a comfortable meditation position that promotes focus.

Meditation is a personal experience. A beginner at meditation should not compare herself to others or think she has to meditate a certain way, but should instead find out what works best for her while listening to and learning from others' experiences.