What Are Some Good Mattresses for People With Back Problems?


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Adjustable beds that elevate the head and knees for pressure relief on the facet joints are good mattresses for patients with osteoarthritis, while relatively firm mattresses with flat pillows positioned below the stomach and hips help decrease lower back stress in patients with degenerative disc disease, explains Spine-Health. In patients with spinal stenosis, adjustable beds allowing elevation of the head and knees similarly relieve pressure on nerves.

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Patients suffering bursa inflammation in the hips benefit from using mattresses with thick padding on the surface, notes Spine-Health. Very firm mattresses aggravate pain. If a bed is too hard, it helps to place an egg crate foam mattress cover on top of it for a comfortable rest. Hip pain sufferers who prefer to sleep on their sides should place a pillow between the knees to reduce hip stress.

The best mattress for a patient suits his personal preferences, offers comfort and allows the spinal structures to rest properly, states Spine-Health. It should not cause pain, stiffness or soreness. A study revealed that medium-firm mattresses generally offer better pain relief compared to firm beds.

Most patients with lower back problems experience relief by putting a pillow beneath the knees while resting on the back, reports Spine-Health. Adjustable beds and reclining chairs are best for patients with lower back pain, especially those whose pain worsens when they stand up and lessens when they bend forward.

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