What Are Some Good Low-Sugar Foods?


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Some good low-sugar foods include food items made with whole grains, flax seeds, fish oil, high-fiber cereals and high-protein foods, such as eggs, beans and cheese. Some fruits and vegetables are lower in sugar than others, such as spinach, tomatoes and onions.

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When choosing low-sugar fruits and vegetables, stick to the fresh and colorful varieties. Fruit juice and canned fruits and vegetables usually have a higher sugar count. For fats that are also lower in sugar, choose avocados, whole milk dairy products, fish oil, olive oil and raw nuts. Breads, cereals and grains that are made from whole grains or high amounts of fiber tend to be lower in sugar. Look for other items that are labeled as sugar-free or unsweetened, such as yogurt.

To start reducing sugar, cut back on juice, soda and other soft drinks, as they often have a high amount of sugar. Instead of these drinks, have water with just a splash of juice straight from the fresh fruit. Also stay away from low-fat or reduced-fat food items, since they might have fewer fat and calories, but higher sugar content. Choose all unsweetened foods, and add the sweetness with fruit juice or a healthy sugar substitute.

Make a habit of reading the labels for everything consumed to count the total amount of sugar consumed each day.

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