What Are Some Good Long-Term Care Facilities?

Good long-term facilities are characterized by good reputation, appropriate services, qualified employees, affordability and state approval, notes WebMD. The Burns Nursing Home in Alabama is rated among the best, as well as Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale in New York according to U. S. News.

There are a number of good long-term care facilities available throughout the country, notes U.S. News. The following are a few examples rated according to staffing, service rating and general reputation given by those who have used their services.

The Burns Nursing Home facility is located in Alabama and features 92 beds. It is rated among the best because of its diverse services and in-house facilities. Its employees are considered friendly and highly qualified.

The Hebrew Home for the Aged, located in Riverdale, New York, features a total of 580 beds. The nursing home has not been fined or denied state funding in the past 3 years.

The Lake Eustis Health and Rehabilitation Center is located in Florida and features a total of 90 beds. It accepts Medicare or Medicaid and is known to have some of the most qualified and hardworking employees.

The Oceana CO MD Care Facility is located in Michigan and features 120 beds. Its health inspection reports are generally good. The facility also has some of the most qualified employees.