What Is a Good List of Foods a Diabetic Should Avoid?

In general, foods that are high in saturated fats, simple sugars, sodium and calories should be avoided by diabetics, reports Diabetic Living magazine. Sodium and saturated fats contribute to heart disease, while high-calorie and carbohydrate foods cause spikes in insulin and fat gain.

Frozen foods, fried meals and processed lunchmeats should be avoided by diabetics because of their high-sodium content, according to Diabetic Living magazine. Sodium increases the risk of heart disease, contributes to high blood pressure and increases cholesterol levels. Foods with high saturated fat content also contribute to heart problems and include foods such as nachos, biscuits and gravy, hamburgers, french fries, pies, and cakes. Foods high in raw calories are not recommended for diabetics as well, as these rapidly contribute to fat gain. Baked goods, fast food and Chinese foods can pack an enormous amount of calories in a small serving size and should be avoided in a diabetic's diet.

Perhaps the most important part of a diabetic's diet is the reduction in simple carbohydrates, reports Diabetic Living magazine. Rapidly digesting carbohydrates spikes blood sugar levels and contributes to insulin management problems. Common culprits include sports drinks, fruit juices, cinnamon rolls, cookies, coffee beverages, milkshakes and smoothies.