What Are Some Good Lactose Intolerance Yogurts?


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A few lactose-free yogurt options include Green Valley Organics, SO Delicious, Yoplait lactose free, Liberté Greek and Yami yogurt, explain their respective manufacturers. There are many more lactose free options available; simply read the labels of yogurt and search for "lactase" in the ingredient list and the words, "lactose free."

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What Are Some Good Lactose Intolerance Yogurts?
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Green Valley Organics, Yoplait's lactose free yogurt, Liberté Greek, and Yami yogurt are all made with milk; however they use lactase enzyme to remove the lactose from the yogurt, thus making it safe for the lactose intolerant. SO Delicious is made from coconut milk and is therefore naturally lactose free. It is always important to read labels when purchasing a lactose free yogurt option.

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