What Is a Good Labor Time Guide for Childbirth?


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Mayo Clinic gives a range of 15 hours up to more than 23 hours for childbirth. The rate at which the woman progresses through each stage of birth varies widely based on her own body and whether or not she has given birth previously.

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The first stage of labor, called early labor, typically lasts between six and 12 hours in new moms, but it is much shorter for those who have given birth before, Mayo Clinic reports. The next stage, called active labor, often lasts up to eight hours, but it is likely to be shorter for those who have given birth vaginally before. As Mayo Clinic notes, this stage can be longer for some women. The third stage, called the birthing stage, lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. It is often shorter for experience moms and longer for first-time moms or those who have an epidural. During the last stage, the placenta is delivered. This process takes from five minutes to half an hour.

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