What Are Some Good Knee Pain Remedies?


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According to WebMD, rest, ice, compression, elevation and abstaining from smoking remedies knee pain. Nonprescription medicines, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, also assist in reducing knee pain by decreasing inflammation.

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What Are Some Good Knee Pain Remedies?
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WebMD states that rest is the first remedy for knee pain to avoid further injury. Halt or change any activity that caused the knee pain or that may cause more pain. Ice or cold packs applied to the knee for 10 to 30 minutes at least three times a day numbs knee pain and reduces swelling.

Do not take hot showers or apply hot packs to the knee during the first 48 hours following a knee injury, notes WebMD. Once 48 hours have passed, heat may be applied if the swelling is gone. Alternating between ice packs and heat packs works best.

Wrapping a sore knee decreases the swelling that causes pain, WebMD explains, but do not wrap it too tightly, and do not use wrapping for more than 72 hours without consulting a doctor.

Elevating a sore knee so that it is above the heart also reduces swelling, says WebMD. Apply ice to the knee while in its elevated state. Smoking decreases blood circulation and slows down tissue repair, so it is best not to smoke while suffering from knee pain.

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