What Is a Good Kidney Cleanse Recipe?


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A good kidney cleansing recipe is one that uses 2 cups of watermelon and 1 cup of lime juice. A blender is also needed to prepare this kidney detox recipe.

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Take the lime and peel it, then cut it up into small cubes. Cut the two cups of watermelon into similar pieces. Add these ingredients to a blender and blend it thoroughly. Some water might be needed, but since watermelon has a high water content, do not add it until the ingredients have started to blend. Some people choose not to add extra water. Other ingredients may also be added, including all-natural juice that does have added sugar, and other types of fruit. Someone looking to flush their kidneys should have this drink once a day until the symptoms start to improve.

This kidney detox recipe provides a great source of potassium and vitamin C. Kidney stone detox recipes flush the kidneys and benefit in a variety of ways. They help remove small kidney stones, decrease inflammation, improve fatigue, and create a better hormonal balance. This is a good detox cleansing drink to have on a regular basis, especially for people that have repeated cases of kidney stones. It is good to have it first thing in the morning.

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