What Are Some Good Juicing Recipes for Diabetes?


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A good juicing recipe for people with diabetes is one that concentrates on fruits with sugars that do not affect insulin levels, such as fructose-sugar fruits, according to About.com. Including vegetables in the juice drink is also great for people with diabetes.

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What Are Some Good Juicing Recipes for Diabetes?
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It is best to avoid produce items that are high in carbohydrates or have a high glycemic index, explains About.com. Specifically, melon and pineapple should not be consumed by people with diabetes. Berries are a great option, as are apples, pears, kiwis and mango.

Green smoothies that focus on vegetables are a viable option for people with diabetes, states About.com. A simple green smoothie recipe is to combine six dandelion greens, four kale leaves, one peeled lemon, a banana, and a Fuji apple in a blender, then add a teaspoon of grated ginger with two cups of water, and mix until a good consistency is reached.

Smoothies are a easy and quick way to get the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables in a day, recommends About.com. Although some experts worry that blending or juicing vegetables can affect the fiber rates of the produce consumed, no conclusive evidence has supported this theory. It is important to check with a doctor before starting any new dietary regimen, and to seek medical advice on any potential smoothie recipes.

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