What Are Some Good Juicing Diets for Diabetics?


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A good juicing diet for individuals living with diabetes is one that contains fructose-sugar fruits that do not affect insulin levels, reports Catherine Hannum for About.com. Incorporating vegetables low in sodium and fat and a high calcium and protein content is a healthy option.

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Specifically avoid fruits with a high glycemic index or high in carbohydrates, such as pineapple and melon, explains Hannum. Fruits to include in a juice diet include berries, kiwis, mangos, apples and pears. Green smoothies high in vegetable content are also a great alternative.

Juices that contain kale, carrots, kelp, broccoli and spinach are good for diabetes, because they are rich in B-complex compounds, vitamin C, manganese and folate. These vegetable are high in fiber, which helps to control blood sugar levels. Adding wheat germ to juices also helps to increase fiber levels, according to Hannum.

For those choosing to drink bottled juice, it is best to check the labels to ensure the juice is 100 percent fruit juice, states the American Diabetes Association. Whether it is homemade juice or bottled juice, it provides a lot of carbohydrates in a small portion, so any juice consumed should be included in the individual's meal plan. About 4 ounces or less of juice contains 50 or more calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates.

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