What Is a Good Introduction to a Liquid Diet?


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When embarking on a full liquid diet, eat small meals six to eight times per day, use whole or evaporated milk when cooking, add full-fat dairy products in milkshakes or smoothies and start taking nutritional supplements. It is also possible to thin, blend and strain solid foods to consume them in liquid form. WebMD warns pregnant or nursing women and diabetics against partaking of liquid diets of any kind.

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People on a full liquid diet ideally consume about 1,300 to 1,500 calories per day with 45 grams of protein. The full liquid diet is medically safe with adequate amounts of proteins, fluids, salts and other minerals supplied. It is generally recommended for people preparing for or recovering from surgery. It can include strained creamy soups but does not include mashed foods of any kind.

Commercial liquid diets for weight loss, such as the infamous Master Cleanse, often only allow for 400 to 500 calories per day. While it is possible to emerge safely from such severe calorie restriction, these diets should only be done with close medical supervision. Liquid "detox" diets and lengthy juice fasts rely heavily on laxatives, often resulting in health problems stemming from vitamin deficiencies, muscle breakdowns and blood sugar problems.

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