What Are Some Good Indoor Cardio Workout Ideas for Use at Home?

There are many cardiovascular workouts that can be done indoors at home. Workout videos offer exercisers ways to save money and stay motivated to exercise from the comfort of home. In addition, there are also some quick workouts that do not require extensive instructions and can be easily done in the living room, such as those from websites like POPSUGAR and Fitness Blender.

POPSUGAR notes that one of the best things about home cardio workouts, besides them being convenient, is that they are usually short but effective and easy routines. Jumping jacks, squats and side lunges are just a few of the exercises that the site recommends. Some of the exercises require the use of simple equipment such as stairs or a jump rope, but many of them can be done without any equipment at all.

Although the specific routine that POPSUGAR recommends is not considered low-impact, it can be modified to a more low-impact version, which is helpful for people with knee or joint problems. Fitness Blender offers a 17-minute high-intensity workout video and many other exercise video selections which can be done from home with little or no equipment. It also has a text listing of the exercises in the video with specific information about which muscles the exercises help to tone.