What Are Some Good Ideas for a First Date?


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Some good ideas for a first date include attending a live concert, watching a minor league sporting event, going bowling, and visiting a museum. Outside of a typical coffee or bar date, these activities offer opportunities for fun and conversation.

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What Are Some Good Ideas for a First Date?
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A live concert doesn’t have to be at a crowded stadium. Plenty of bars and venues offer smaller, more intimate shows every night of the week, and some are free. Local listings report live music events, and outdoor concerts and festivals take place during the summer months.

A minor league sports event is another cheap date that’s also unique and entertaining. The competition may not be as fierce, but the tickets are cheaper, the crowd is lighter and the stands are quieter, offering more opportunity for conversation.

Bowling is a sport that is enjoyable for almost anyone, regardless of skill level. A date to a bowling alley is an easy way to get to know a date, and the low stakes level of competition provide plenty of time for conversation and jokes. Most alleys serve beer and snacks, making them ideal date spots.

A visit to the museum is another creative date idea that offers endless conversation starters. Simply walking around and observing different exhibits is an easy way to keep the date going. Many museums also offer certain days of the week with free admission.

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