What Are Some Good Ideas for Activities to Do With Seniors?


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Good ideas for activities to do with seniors include both outdoor exercise, such as walking for fitness, and indoor fun, such as playing a board game. The value of many activities is determined by the senior citizen's mental and physical condition.

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According to Senior Living Magazine, fit and healthy senior citizens love sports. Invite grandma to play a game of tennis or to take in a round of golf if she has been medically cleared for activity.

Other outdoor activities that are less strenuous include bird watching, fishing and photography. Teach the senior to use GPS and go geocaching, a type of scavenger hunt in which GPS locates nearby caches with small trinkets.

If the weather doesn't permit going outdoors or the senior is homebound, choose an indoor activity, such as scrapbooking or writing down stories for a memoir. Teach the senior how to use a computer or tablet, or ask them to teach something, such as how to crochet or play dominoes. If you prefer something physical, try a yoga class together.

If the senior is in a facility and is social, organize group activities such as sing-a-longs with old music favorites, a book club or a wine tasting. Get the senior outdoors by helping plant a flower or vegetable garden to foster a satisfying activity in the fresh air.

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