What Is a Good Home Treatment for a Colon Ulcer?


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A person who suffers from a colon ulcer can treat the condition at home by eating small meals, having plenty of liquids, managing stress and using multivitamins, according to Mayo Clinic. Cutting down on certain foods can also aid in treating the ulcer.

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A patient with a colon ulcer should avoid caffeinated beverages, alcohol and carbonated drinks, which produce gas, as advised by Mayo Clinic. The patient should instead drink a lot of water. Stress may worsen the symptoms of the ulcer. Stress management techniques include biofeedback, which is administered by a feedback machine that lowers muscle tension and slows the heart rate; physical exercises; and frequent relaxation and breathing exercises.

Limiting fiber, spicy foods and dairy products may aid in reducing the symptoms of the ulcer, according to Mayo Clinic. People with colon ulcers may be lactose intolerant, so consumption of milk and other dairy products may result in diarrhea, gas and abdominal pain. These patients may try using Lactaid, an enzyme product.

Alternative medicines such as aloe vera, fish oil and turmeric may aid in relieving the symptoms of colon ulcers, as explained by Mayo Clinic. These foods are anti-inflammatory, but they should be consumed in moderate quantities because they may cause diarrhea, especially fish oil and aloe vera. Probiotics and herbal or nutritional supplements may also cure the ulcer. A patient who loses weight should consult a registered dietitian.

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