What Is a Good Home Treatment for Blood Clots?


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There are several good home treatments for blood clots including walking, taking care of the feet and losing weight, explains Home Remedy Central. Blood clots are most commonly found in the legs and must be looked at right away. When home treatments do not work, it is vital to seek professional treatment.

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Walking is the single best natural cure for breaking up and getting rid of blood clots if done on a daily basis, explains Home Remedy Central. Incorporating walking into a healthy lifestyle increases blood flow and circulation. Proper walking not only helps reduce weight by burning fat but also assists in preventing blood clots with enhanced circulation, notes Natural-HomeRemedies.

Healing an injury or condition like athlete's foot can have a direct natural cure on the formation of blood clots due to increased circulation, details Home Remedy Central. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by watching dietary intake can also dramatically affect getting and preventing blood clots altogether.

Massage assists in improving circulation and is especially important when there is a blood clot, explains Natural-HomeRemedies. Massaging the clot directly with a heated cloth can also help break up a blood clot. Salt water packs held over the clot help increase circulation to break up the clot.

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