What Are Some Good Home Teeth Whiteners?


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Some effective home teeth whiteners are strips, trays and paint-on whiteners, as stated by WebMD. Although whitening toothpaste is another method used for this same purpose, the change in teeth color is only one or two shades.

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Strips and trays contain hydrogen peroxide in vary strengths, which is the bleaching agent that whitens teeth, notes Dr. Jonathan B. Levine's article found on the Dr. Oz website. These products are used for about 30 minutes for a determine length of time that may be up to a week. For better results, people can use strips and trays with a hydrogen peroxide concentration of about 10 percent, states WebMD. Although these products work, they can also cause irritation if the solution leaks out of the tray or strips slip out of place and make contact with the gums.

For people with sensitive teeth, a paint-on tooth whitener may be a good choice. These products target individual teeth. However, a drawback is that saliva can wear away the product. This whitening method can take up to 2 months to produce results, states Levine.

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