What is a good home remedy to treat ringing in the ears?


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An individual can treat ringing in the ears, also called tinnitus, at home by avoiding loud noises. Loud noises cause or worsen tinnitus. An individual can wear protective earmuffs or earplugs if the source of the loud noises cannot be avoided.

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What is a good home remedy to treat ringing in the ears?
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An individual can additionally treat tinnitus at home by limiting the intake of aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, discontinuing use of tobacco products and relaxing often.

Large doses of aspirin can cause a bout of tinnitus. Regular usage of aspirin can damage the ear���s hair cells depending on the amount taken.

Before limiting any prescribed medications or beginning significant exercise, an individual should consult a doctor. Very prolonged exercise where the neck is kept in a hyperextended position should be avoided. Appropriate exercise is beneficial because it increases blood flow to the various parts of the ear.

Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sometimes sodium can worsen tinnitus symptoms. Caffeine and other chemical stimulants cause the ear���s hair cells to work harder than they should. Sodium especially causes problems for individuals with inner ear disorders or high blood pressure.

Since stress and fatigue can heighten tinnitus symptoms, the individual should get sufficient rest and relaxation. Stress and fatigue can increase the possibility of illness, which can worsen or trigger tinnitus by causing swelling in the ear.

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