What Is a Good Home Remedy for a Male Yeast Infection?


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A home remedy for a male yeast infection is to practice good hygiene, states Medical News Today. However, men should avoid washing the penis with scented soap as it can irritate the penis and stimulate fungal growth.

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Men with a yeast infection need to practice good hygiene to kill the fungus by washing the affected area regularly and thoroughly with warm water, especially underneath the foreskin of the penis, explains Medical News Today. After showering, the penis needs to be kept as cool and dry as possible. This kills the fungus that grows in moist, warm conditions. During this treatment process, wear loose underwear with breathable fabric to air out the genitals.

If the infection does not clear up, take over-the-counter or prescription medications as the yeast can eventually cause bigger health problems, warns WebMD. Topical creams are available over the counter. For more severe infections, antifungal medications in either pill or mouthwash form are available with a prescription. If a man has other health conditions such as diabetes and HIV or is on immunosuppressants or dialysis, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, he is prone to invasive candidiasis, notes Medical New Today. If the infection becomes life-threatening, medication can be administered intravenously.

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