What Is a Good Home Remedy for Killing Fruit Flies?


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Useful home remedies that kill fruit flies include trapping the flies in mixtures including apple-cider vinegar, red wine, or milk, sugar and pepper, as Good Housekeeping explains. Luring the fruit flies through a narrow paper cone to a ripe piece of fruit also traps them.

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The scent of vinegar is highly attractive to fruit flies, and therefore many home remedies to get rid of them use vinegar as a central ingredient. Good Housekeeping recommends covering a jar of apple-cider vinegar with a piece of plastic wrap that has some holes punched in it. The flies head for the vinegar, then become trapped. About.com suggests a similar remedy, recommending that several vinegar traps be placed in areas where fruit flies are congregating, such as near the trash or compost heap, and emptying the trap of flies and refilling it with vinegar as needed.

A combination of vinegar and dish soap also attracts fruit flies that become trapped in the soap and drown. The dregs of a bottle of red wine act similarly to attract the flies, that then can't find their way out of the narrow bottle, according to Good Housekeeping. A heated mixture of milk, sugar and pepper also lures fruit flies to death by drowning, as does the commercial product Aunt Fannie's FlyPunch.

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