What Is a Good Home Remedy for Dry, Red Eyes?


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Some home remedies for dry or red eyes include increasing moisture in the air, using a warm compress, cleaning the eyes with mild soap and using eye drops or ointments. Frequent or severe dry eye symptoms may require consulting a physician.

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A lack of moisture in the air can often cause eyes to dry out and become red. A humidifier can help increase air moisture, which causes tears to evaporate slower and keeps eyes moist. Air conditioners, heaters and fans can also decrease humidity levels, so these devices should be turned down when experiencing dry eyes.

A warm washcloth compress can also help relieve dry eyes. Place a clean, warm washcloth over the eyes for about five minutes, then gently massage the eyelids using the cloth. The heat helps improve the flow of the glands in the eye lids that create tears. Baby shampoo or any other mild type of soap can also be gently applied to closed eyelids.

Over-the-counter eye drops or eye ointments are another common remedy for dry eyes. Eye drops come both with and without preservatives. If the drops are being used more than four times per day, use the non-preservative drops as they are gentler on the eyes. Eye gels are more effective than drops, but they can also impair vision and are typically only used at night.

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