What Is a Good Home Remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis?

Because bacterial vaginosis requires antibiotic treatment, there are no home remedies for treating the condition, according to MedicineNet. There are also no over-the-counter or natural treatments proven effective for treating bacterial vaginosis. Trials conducted using probiotics proved inconclusive.

Although the exact cause of bacterial vaginosis is a source of debate in the medical community, an increase in certain bacteria in the vagina may be responsible, according to MedicineNet. Risk factors for developing the condition include multiple or new sex partners, use of IUD birth control devices, vaginal douching, and recent antibiotic use.

In about one-third of those afflicted with bacterial vaginosis, the condition clears up and resolves on its own without any sort of medical intervention, notes MedicineNet. Some of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for the condition include Flagyl, taken in pill form orally or as a vaginal preparation, and metronidazole gel, which is also a vaginal preparation but available in a pill form too. Vaginal clindamycin cream is another option. Tindamax is a good option for those who experience side effects from metronidazole.

One course of antibiotics is generally enough to clear up an initial infection of bacterial vaginosis, notes MedicineNet. More than 50 percent of those treated for bacterial vaginosis develop recurrent infections within the following 12 months. For recurrent infections, another round of antibiotics is the general course of treatment.