Are There Good Home Remedies for Treating Bunions?


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Home remedies for treating bunions include icing the affected area two to three times daily and applying a non-medicated bunion pad to the bony bump, according to Mayo Clinic. It may also help to use footwear with a roomier toe box and a heel 2 1/4 inches or lower. If the pain continues, it may be necessary to see a health care professional.

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Are There Good Home Remedies for Treating Bunions?
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A doctor may recommend other treatments, such as medications or shoe inserts, notes Mayo Clinic. Medications that treat bunions include naproxen, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and cortisone injections. Over-the-counter shoe inserts or prescription orthotic devices may help to redistribute pressure on the foot. Splinting, taping and padding the affected foot may also help to keep stress off of the foot, helping to keep pain at bay.

If the initial treatment methods are not successful, a doctor may recommend a surgical procedure to return the toe to its natural position, states Mayo Clinic. Surgery is usually only necessary if the bunion interferes with life or causes excessive pain.

The surgeon may remove swollen tissue from around the affected joint, or he may remove a piece of the big toe bone to realign it properly, according to Mayo Clinic. Other procedures involve joining bones permanently and correcting abnormal angles by realigning bones in the back of the foot and the big toe.

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