What Are Some Good Home Remedies for Eye Allergies?


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One of the best home remedies for soothing eye allergies is simply washing the face, which rinses irritating allergens off the eyelashes and eyelids, according to Everyday Health. Splashing lukewarm water into the eyes also helps to flush allergens out, and application of a cold compress reduces swelling.

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What Are Some Good Home Remedies for Eye Allergies?
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Preventing exposure to allergens is perhaps the most efficient home treatment for eye allergies. Pollen counts are generally highest in mid-morning and early evening, so these are the best times to remain inside, according to WebMD.

Keeping house and car windows shut and the air conditioner running helps block pollen from reaching the eyes, thereby reducing eye redness and itchiness. If one must be outdoors, wearing large or wraparound sunglasses may also be effective, notes WebMD.

Allergens and dust mites accumulate in carpets and on floors. Getting rid of rugs is a good way to rid many allergens that get trapped in a house. When cleaning, mopping tile or hardwood floors is better than dry sweeping, which stirs up all the pesky allergens that irritate eyes, advises WebMD.

Decreasing the amount of time spent wearing contact lenses can improve allergy symptoms significantly. In addition, daily disposable lenses are recommended, since they eliminate the problems caused by a daily buildup of allergens. Many people also find relief through using artificial tears and saline drops, says All About Vision.

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