What Are Some Good Home Remedies for Emergency Toothache Relief?

good-home-remedies-emergency-toothache-relief Credit: alliance/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

For emergency toothache relief, the sufferer should use an ice pack or cool compress on the outside of the mouth and take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help the swelling go down, according to WebMD. Alternately, sufferers can swoosh alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or salt water around the infected tooth.

Soaking a cotton ball with vanilla extract, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar or oil of oregano, and applying it directly to the aching tooth can also relieve pain. In addition, raw ginger root, peppermint leaves, potatoes, onions, limes, plantains, cucumbers and cloves are effective if applied and held against the painful area. If the sufferer is sensitive to cold, mixing the previously mentioned foods with lukewarm water can help to avoid additional pain.

Creating a paste out of cayenne pepper or baking soda and lukewarm water, and applying the paste to the sore spot can help to alleviate toothache pain. Both WebMD and Survival Life state that those who suffer from toothache pain should avoid rubbing aspirin on the infected area, as it is an acid and can cause additional harm and possibly corrosion. If the pain persists, gets worse or is unbearable, sufferers should seek help from a qualified dental professional.