What Is a Good Home Periodontal Disease Treatment?


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There is an array of gels, sprays, lozenges and mouthwash products available over the counter to treat periodontal disease. According to MailOnline, probiotic lozenges, enzyme capsules, peroxyl oral rinses, antibacterial sprays and gels containing hyaluronic acid are widely available without prescription to combat periodontal disease.

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While WebMD endorses professional dental cleaning as an effective preventive measure, it also affirms that lifestyle choices such as tobacco use, poor diet and high stress contribute to the onset of periodontal disease. Home treatment of periodontal disease includes eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals and low in processed sugar to keep a strong immune system and minimize plaque growth. Research cited in The New York Times suggests that smoking plays a prevalent role in chronic periodontal disease, so quitting is important to ensure periodontal health. Brushing and flossing twice a day prevents development of plaque deposits on the teeth.

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