What Are Some Good Hip Strengthening Exercises?


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Some exercises that help strengthen the hips include the single leg hip lift, hip flexion and standing hip abduction. Many hip strengthening exercises, such as lateral walks and hip extensions, involve the use of bands.

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To perform a single leg hip lift, lie down on the floor with the legs bent, and raise one foot off the floor. Make sure the knee goes toward the chest, and contract the glutes. Perform this action several times, and then perform it with the other leg.

To perform a hip flexion, grab onto a chair, keep your back straight and bring your knee up in the air. Hold this for a few seconds, and then perform it with the other leg. For a standing hip abduction, keep holding onto the chair, but slightly swing your leg to the side while clenching your muscles.

For those who want to add more resistance to their hip strengthening workouts, the use of bands is perfect. To perform lateral walks, place a band around the ankles, get into a squat position, then shuffle the feet laterally for several repetitions. For hip extensions using a band, keep the band around the ankles while standing straight up, and then slowly move one leg back. Perform several repetitions on each leg.

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