What Are Some Good High Iron Foods?


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Foods containing high amounts of iron include red meat, poultry, pork, seafood, spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables, as well as dried fruit and iron-fortified grain products. Lentils and beans are also relatively high in iron.

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The two types of dietary iron are heme and nonheme. Heme iron, a derivative of hemoglobin, is found in meat and other animal products such as eggs, while nonheme iron is found in plant-based foods. The human body absorbs more iron from heme sources. As a result, vegetarians need to ensure they are consuming sufficient high-iron plant-based foods to achieve the same results as their carnivorous counterparts.

Organ meats, such as liver, are particularly high in iron, with beef liver offering five milligrams per slice. However, nutritionists urge consuming liver in moderation, as it is high in cholesterol. Red meat and egg yolks are also high in iron, with egg yolks containing three milligrams per half a cup, and red meat - two to three milligrams per three-ounce serving.

It is possible to enhance the body's ability to absorb iron by eating foods or drinking juices high in vitamin C. However, it is important to consume vitamin C at the same time as eating foods rich in iron to achieve this effect.

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