What Is a Good Half-Marathon Training Schedule for a Beginner?


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Beginners who are able to run three miles per run and log at least 15 miles per week have enough of a base to begin training for a half-marathon. The training schedule should start 17 weeks before the date of the half marathon.

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During both training and racing, a combination of walking and running is acceptable. Every week, runners add one to 1.5 miles per week to the long run. On two other days, runners log 30 minutes of running. Running days should not be consecutive.

In between most run days, runners rest. However, two days before each long run, the runner should take an easy walk. At week 15, the long run is 14 miles.

In the next two weeks, runners taper their training. They continue to alternate running and rest days. The long run for week 16 is only five miles. Week 17 is the half-marathon, so there are only two easy 30-minute runs. Two days before the race, the schedule calls for an easy walk.

An important part of half-marathon training comes in the weeks after the race. The 30-minute runs, rest days and walking days continue. However, at week 18 the long run is only 5 miles. The following week it is safe to increase to six to eight miles.

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