What Are Some Good Glycolic Acid Products?


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Some good glycolic acid products include Reviva's 10% Acid Night Cream and Glycolix Elite 20% Facial Cream. Good glycolic acid products combine several acids at lower strengths instead of containing one high powered acid, and they have a potential hydrogen, or pH, between 3 and 4, notes Allure.

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A glycolic acid with a pH between 3 or 4 provides the ideal amount of free-acid compounds, states Allure. Too much acid irritates the skin, and too little provides no exfoliation effect. If the user's skin tingles for a few seconds when applying the product, it likely has an optimal pH level. Skin should look refreshed immediately after use.

A good glycolic acid product has a concentration of 10-percent acid or less, regardless of whether it is a cream or peel. A 10-percent concentration is likely safe when used as directed, reports WebMD. A product with a higher concentration should only be used under a dermatologist's supervision.

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