What Are Some Good Ginseng Supplements for Men?

What Are Some Good Ginseng Supplements for Men?

American ginseng, Panax ginseng and Siberian ginseng are the best ginseng supplements for men. These supplements treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction and hepatitis, according to WebMD.

Ginseng also treats ailments such as diabetes, anemia, gastritis, hangover and fever, as WebMD reports. Unlike other stimulants that raise the blood pressure, ginseng actually lowers blood pressure. Ginseng supplements temporarily increase concentration, learning ability and mental performance.

According to WebMD, research shows that ginseng boosts the immune system. American ginseng extract decreases the intensity of colds in adults. Studies also show that ginseng lowers blood sugar levels.

There are no standard dosages of ginseng for any disease or medical condition. The amount and quality of ingredients in ginseng supplements vary broadly among manufacturers. This factor makes it difficult to come up with a standard dosage, according to WebMD.

Individuals should always purchase ginseng supplements from a reputable company because it is a costly root, and there is a risk that counterfeit producers might sell misleading ginseng products or include misleading claims in their advertisements. Additionally, foods do not contain natural sources of ginseng, and companies sometimes add ginseng supplements to foods and energy drinks, as reported by WebMD.