What Are Some Good Full-Body Workout Routines?


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Some effective full-body workout routines include exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges and deadlifts. These exercises work together to strengthen various muscles throughout the cardiovascular system and can facilitate weight loss when combined with good dietary health.

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Exercises performed in full-body workouts do not necessarily involve athletic equipment. Standard training activities often develop muscles ranging throughout the entire body. Push-ups, for example, are efficient when toning muscles throughout regions in the upper body. Meanwhile, lunges and squats focus on the lower-body muscles in the hips and legs.

Using athletic equipment can enhance full-body training practices to make the exercises more challenging and comprehensive. For instance, performing lunges with a set of dumbbells in each hand intensifies the workout. Similarly, push-ups become more challenging to perform when modified with stability balls. Pike roll-out combination exercises also become more effective full-body workouts when the exerciser adds stability balls.

In addition to strength-based exercises that target the muscles of the upper and lower body, full-body workouts often consist of aerobic activities that condition heart health. Interval training is a popular method used in running exercises, because it allows the runner to exert greater amounts of energy in shorter amounts of time than more traditional cardiovascular exercises.

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