What Are Some Good Forearm Workouts?


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Examples of forearm exercises include barbell wrist curls, reverse barbell wrist curls and dumbbell and reverse dumbbell wrist curls. Another good forearm exercise is reverse barbell curls.

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Barbell wrist curls are performed by sitting on a bench and resting the forearms on the thighs with the palms facing up while holding a barbell. The barbell is curled up toward the ceiling using only the hands and wrists. Then, the barbell is slowly lowered and rests in the nook of the fingertips. The reverse version is done the same way, except the palms are facing down and the forearms are kept flat on the lap.

Performing a dumbbell wrist curl is done by straddling a bench and holding a dumbbell in an underhand grip. The legs are spread and the forearm rests on the bench so that is extends past the long end of the bench. The dumbbell is then rolled to the fingertips and then gripped while flexing the wrist to bring it back to the start position.

The reverse version is done by holding the dumbbell with an overhand grip. The forearm is placed on the bench at a 90-degree angle, and the weight is held off the side of the bench. The dumbbell is then lowered as far as possible and brought back up by flexing the wrist.

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