What Are Good Foods for a Low-Sodium Diet?


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Fruits and vegetables are one of the best options for a low-sodium shopping list. Nutrition labels on other foods make it easier to find those that are also low in sodium, according to healthfinder.gov.

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are always the best option, but if fresh isn't an option, frozen vegetables without sauce are a good alternative, according to healthfinder.gov. With canned produce, always read the labels to find the low-sodium products.

On a low sodium diet, grains and carbohydrates are still an option, states healthfinder.gov. Just check the labels to find those with lower sodium. Don't add salt when making rice, pasta, or popcorn. Even with fresh meat, check to make sure that there is no sodium added. Shellfish and chicken without the skin are good low-sodium choices. With beef or pork, lean cuts are best. Choose fat-free or low-fat options when buying milk and milk products. Cheese can be high in sodium, so check the labels and compare. Go for light dressings and mayonnaise, or try an oil such as sesame or olive to replace the high-sodium condiments.

When cooking, you can use many alternatives for seasoning, explains healthfinder.gov. Instead of salt, try herbs or salt-free blends. Fresh produce can also be used to season dishes. Garlic, peppers, onions, lemons and limes are all flavorful ingredients.

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