What Are Some Good Foods for a Low-Fat Diet?


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Some foods that fit well in a low-fat diet include 1-percent or skim milk, egg whites and egg substitutes, fresh fruits and vegetables, and oatmeal. Some snack options that are often low in fat include pretzels, crackers, microwave popcorn without butter or oil and fat-free frozen yogurt.

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What Are Some Good Foods for a Low-Fat Diet?
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When it comes to choosing meats, veal, chicken and turkey breast are low-fat options. Extra-lean ground beef and ground turkey are substitutions a person can use when making hamburgers, and veggie burgers can also be a suitable, low-fat replacement for high-fat hamburgers. Most seafood is low in fat, and cans of tuna, crab meat and other fish packed in water are also low in fat. The best way to cook meats is to place them in an oven on a rack so the extra fats drip away, leaving a lower-fat meal. In contrast, frying meat leaves it to cook in its own fat.

Some other tips for making low-fat food choices include removing the excess fat and skin from poultry products and removing the solidified fat from gravies and soups that have been stored in the refrigerator. Cream- and butter-based sauces can be replaced with lemon juice and fresh herbs to add more flavor while reducing fat content. Also, it is best for people trying to adhere to a low-fat diet to cook for themselves as much as possible, because restaurants tend to add extra fat to their products.

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